1028 16th Ave. South Nashville • 615-726-0446 • Smoke Free!!

1028 16th Ave. South Nashville • 615-726-0446 • Smoke Free!!

1028 16th Ave. South Nashville • 615-726-0446 • Smoke Free!!

Located in the heart of Nashville's legendary Music Row, The Idle Hour is a quintessential neighborhood bar, serving as the de facto home for many of the music industry's die-hard veterans, hit songwriters, recording studio gurus, and emerging talent.


Cold beer, cool country, and an eclectic mix of music and friends. If there's no one on stage, grab the guitar off the wall and play an original. Sing your heart out or just kick back and listen. You may be hearing the next hit comin out of the PBR at the end of the bar.


We're open:

Sunday and Monday: Noon-Midnight

Tuesday-Saturday: Noon-3am

Please join us for a taste of the real Nashville...we'll save a beer for ya!